I am a marine scientist interested in ecological questions that lie at the interface between biology and paleobiology. I use methods and tools from both disciplines and focus on molluscs because they are ecologically and economically important, very abundant, have good preservation potential, and they also happen to be incredibly beautiful.

With a Tridacna gigas in Heron Is., Great Barrier Reef. Photo by Marissa Betts

I am currently a Postdoc at the School of Fishery and Aquatic Sciences (SAFS), University of Washington, funded by JISAO. My main project involves using a Conservation Paleobiology and Historical Ecology approach to inform restoration practitioners about temporal baselines for Olympia oysters. ‘Olys’ are the only native oyster to the eastern North Pacific and were severely affected by overexploitation (among other things) during the gold rush. My project will inform restoration practitioners in Washington State about restoration metrics for historical Olys that can be applied to their practices.

I am also involved in a couple of very exciting projects in collaboration with Chelsea Wood and Jacqueline Padilla-Gamiño looking at mudworm parasites affecting Pacific oysters, and the effects of microplastic pollutants on important shellfish species.

My previous postdoc was at PaleoLab, CEAZA, Chile, in collaboration with Marcelo Rivadeneira. This project focused on Conservation Paleobiology. I was specifically interested in exploring live-dead agreement in a latitudinal gradient along the Chilean coast. Since Chile has a long history of shellfish artisanal fishing, an important goal was to determine if and how local fishing has impacted mollusc communities over time, and inform management practices on how to protect this valuable resource.

Previously,  I did my Ph.D. at Macquarie University, Sydney, with the supervision of Matt Kosnik and Josh Madin. Before then, I majored in Biology at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina, where I did my undergraduate thesis with the supervision of Sandra Gordillo.

For questions or comments drop me an email at: martinellijulieta@gmail.com / julimar@uw.edu

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